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Last year I wrote several blog posts about digital citizenship (here, here and here). Since then I have become increasingly concerned about our (and I mean that globally, not just in my district) students’ abilities to be safe and effective participants in our digital world.

This concern led me to spend many hours of my time scanning the internet, looking for lesson plans, ideas and a scope and sequence. The great news is that I found loads of information and resources. The bad information? I found loads of information and resources – some good, some great and some not. There’s a lot out there to wade through!

This resulted in more work, of course! Using ISTE as well as the British Columbia curriculum as my guide, I created this scope and sequence for our schools, Kindergarten to Grade 7.

I then took the resources I found and plugged them into the correct places in the scope and sequence and used Google Sites to build a website to house it all. Whew!

The website, the West Vancouver School District’s Digital Citizenship Hub is now ready to be used by educators and administrators alike, with the following understandings:

  1. I did not create the vast majority of the resources! They are collated from around the internet, with special thanks to Common Sense Media, Google’s Be Internet Awesome and Media Smarts.
  2. This website is meant to be a living entity, that will be added to as more resources become available or as people share more resources with me. Have a great lesson plan? Email me at!
  3. I have created custom, West Vancouver School District, digital badges for the units in Grade 4 to 7. My intention was to create self-scoring Google Forms quizzes that would automatically email a digital badge to any student who scored high enough on the quiz. Unfortunately, try as I might, I could not get the code to work! So, for any of you who work in West Vancouver, just send me a quick email if you want access to the digital badges.

I really hope that in creating this website I have made it easier for teachers to help their students become confident, caring, critical and ethical participants in the digital world.


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