Is It Winter Break Yet?

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School here in BC goes right until December 22nd this year! For those of us in the classroom, that last week is going to be a delicate balancing act between giving kids enough learning to keep them busy and engaged while still understanding that many of them will be tired from festivities and all hyped up while waiting for the break to start. There are bound to be a few tears in many classrooms – it’s been a long haul since Labour Day!

So here then, for your (and their) pleasure, are some online things to keep you all going. Enjoy!

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? (Google Slides)

This is a great activity to do as a launch for writing! For primary students, they could work as a class by having the teacher project his or her Google slide onto the screen and then choosing items collaboratively. Then they could draw their version of the snowman and write about what they made! Intermediate students could all create their own snowman and then write a small story or descriptive paragraph. You could collect them all on one big Google slidedeck! It would also be good in a secondary ELL class, as students could use the snowman as a way to build English vocabulary. And hey, who doesn’t like building a snowman? Huge thanks to Eric Curts from Control Alt Achieve – one of the most prolific bloggers out there!

Seasonal Digital Breakouts

Last month I wrote a post about digital breakouts. Here are two that are more applicable to this season! Gingerbread Man Loose In The School is based on a children’s book. In this one, Santa Is Lost – can you follow the clues to solve the breakout? If you teach older kids, why not use this as a great time to let them explore writing their own digital breakouts? There are lots of hints and how-tos on my previous blog post!

The 12 Days of Techie Christmas

As much fun as it might be to get a partridge, I’m not sure where I’d put the pear tree! I’d much rather get a Roomba robot to do my chores….wouldn’t you? In fact, here is my version of the 12 days song…2017 techie style!

  • 12 DJI drones
  • 11 Go Pro 6s
  • 10 Sphero R2-D2s
  • 9 VR Headsets
  • 8 Beats Earphones
  • 7 Apple Watches
  • 6 Google Homes
  • 5 iPhone Xs
  • 4 Amazon Echos
  • 3 Nintendo Switches
  • 2 Fitbit Altas
  • And a Roomba to do my chores!

If I were a Math teacher, which I am not, I would turn this into a before Christmas lesson on math, taxes and consumerism. Hey…wait a minute…maybe I can anyway!

You can approach this several ways. Bring in flyers from tech stores and let the kids figure out their own list and add up the cost of the items. How much would the 12 days cost? And what if you had to add taxes? Or, you could do the same thing using my list. There’s still plenty of choice in my list…after all, I am pretty sure Beats make more than one type of headphones!

Here is a set of Google Sheets you can use to help the kids figure this all out! They go from very basic, where the kids have to enter everything themselves and then do the math themselves (or learn how to use a formula!) to ones where the formulas are all set up and kids just have to plug in the price of the item. As my organization does not yet allow making templates, please make sure you make a copy of this for your own drive before you start playing with any of the sheets! And by the way….I’m leaving the consumerism part of the lesson up to you!

Kickin’ It Old School!

Sometimes, in all the hustle and bustle of the season, the last thing we want in our classroom is noisy technology. We’d rather put on some quiet Christmas music and do tech-less activities, like these:

Hopefully you find something in here to help you and your students make it through those final days before winter break!

PS – This week is HOUR OF CODE week – stop reading this blog and start coding!


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